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DDoS Protection by Cloudflare on Website access?  



What is up with the "5 second" delay screen before "browser redirect" to access the Mac Observer forums page? Have you been experiencing DDoS attacks?

No other website that I visit has such an, yes I'll say it, annoying, wait before access.

(I'd show you a screenshot, but the file is 61kB, and the"drag and drop it here" link says nothing over 10B (10 bytes? or does B ≠ byte?.)


I took a screenshot, but when I try to post it, the forum says it is too big (bigger than 10b; which I assume is 10 bytes)


But it does say:


Checking your browser before accessing
This process is automatic. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly
Please allow up to 5 seconds...


DDoS protection by Cloudflare
Ray ID: 500d098c92493c4

2 Answers

It appears to only happen once so not a big deal


Perhaps once per day...or once per start-up of your browser? I certainly have seen it more than once.