[Solved] Feature Request: Drag and Drop images/video into the message well  




This is a feature request.

If it is possible, could the forum designer implement the ability to drag and drop images right into the text well. It's so convenient to just drag and drop an image or video and have it fall where the cursor may be.

Thanks for considering.

Kind regards

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I’m on my iPad, but I thought this worked already, no?


At the time, a PNG image was dropped in the message well with no reaction — it was simply ignored.

As I write this reply, I took the opportunity to drag and drop a JPG and a PNG into the image well just to be sure there was mistake on my part. This resulted in the browser displaying the image centered at the top of the window, essentially replacing the entire page with the image.

Trying to add image to fall where cursor is

The image above represents how I think it would really work well, dragging and dropping an image to where the cursor is would place it inline on that spot.

I see how this is meant to work but dragging and dropping directly into the message would be a real bonus.

but I thought this worked already, no?

So currently and maybe Dave, this is why you are saying that you thought drag and drop worked.

  1. Click/Tap "Attach Files"
  2. Drag and drop image into image well
  3. checkmark the target
  4. It's marked up in the post being created/edited

All this being said, I think having the "Attach Files" link at the bottom of a message is still necessary.


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Ok, I see what you're saying. This is all made possible – and limited by – what's available in wpForo, the engine we use here. We've also got quite a few of their addons installed, including wpForo Advanced Attachments, which is what's doing the heavy lifting here.

And you're right -- it doesn't seem like wpForo supports this yet, but we'll put in a feature request/note.