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Is there a way to filter unanswered questions?

Lately I've been actively answering some questions where I can and one of the activities I was performing was seeking out unanswered questions to encourage active engagement in the forums. If people receive answers they will naturally come back with more questions

The other thing that I noticed is that some questions appear as unanswered in list view but upon opening these apparently unanswered questions one find comments being left behind. This tells me that comments don't count as answers so it can become confusing when trying to spot unanswered questions. I am not even sure if visitors to the forum can even distinguish the difference. In other words some people might be leaving comments when they strictly meant to provide an answer. I don't even know if the users who leave questions are notified if a comment is left behind. I assume they are but I can't determine if my hunch is true or not.

I get the idea behind comments and answers but I am not sure if everyone knows. The main issue is that questions that are left with comments only appear to be unanswered, making the forum look less active than it might actually be.

With all of this in mind, do you believe it might just be best to turn off commenting and leave only the option to answer? It might make it simpler and provide more accuracy. Unless of course there is an option to flag/display whether a comment or answer has been provided in the questions list view.  

Would love to get your impressions.



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I love your questions, Alex, and appreciate your recent engagement. I'm posting this as a comment because I don't have an answer. I also wonder if forum users don't know the intended distinction between these two spaces. Additionally, I wonder how many people vote posts up or down or how often original posters mark answers as correct.

Seeing this forum grow to be more like the experience I once had on would be wondrous.

I'll keep the comment chain going. Thanks for the kind remarks. I think we are on the same page and wondered if people are using the checkmark feature to indicate to others which answer resolved their issue. Perhaps it is too vague.

I think you will agree that Apple's discussion forum, which has a lot of resources behind it, has done a good job at ensuring users are able to easily understand how to mark an answer as either helpful or solved. Perhaps the forum engine can be slightly modified to make the UI somewhat clearer on this front. I don't believe it is a matter if user disengagement.

The Add a comment button should be accompanied by a Leave an answer button because I think what happens is that the message well below Your Answer might be hidden if the browser window is not tall enough to reveal it.

I don't know if any of my comments or other ideas you or others might have can better accommodate users to engage with the correct actions, thereby adding more value to visitors as a whole.

Maybe a discussion around this can be considered by Dave Hamilton.