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Image optimization  




I use ImageOptim to optimize images before they get added to a website.

My suggestion here is to add its' features as a service for the forum. Why? For a few reasons, it optimizes images losslessly. This has two effects, faster load times, less server load. It's a total win win.



Smaller file size

The above image shows the results of using ImageOptim to decrease file size for this very image which is a PNG screenshot. A 35% image reduction, however you look at it, this translates well.

So if someone here could seriously consider a post image processor to reduce image size it will have an impact on the server hosting this service and cascade down to user experience. Please consider looking into a solution, be it a script or something similar that sits there and intercepts new image uploads and does a single task, reduce file size losslessly.

Please consider it.

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We have the EWWW image optimizer in place in Wordpress here.

I think it’s important to note that the forums use the wpForo engine, so any “heavy lifting” development would best be done by them. The good news is that a lot of it has been done, either as part of the engine or with what they call “Addons”. It’s worth investigating over there.


Dave, I was wondering though, the site runs on Wordpress as per the source code. I know very little about Wordpress because I don't use it now for years but I suspect there is a database of images somewhere. Is it at all possible under the current configuration to run a script that runs those open source technologies that imageoptim relies on?

I will contact the good folks at wpForo, maybe they have a handle on that. I think it could even be good marketing for them to highlight lossless image compression.

Oh and maybe EWWW is already taking care of it as you have it installed.

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