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[Solved] Is there a way to see topics to which you've subscribed?  



I was looking for an answer @DaveHamilton had posted to a question I'd asked, but didn't immediately see a way to see the posts I've made or the posts I'm following.  Am I missing it?

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Yep. Go to your profile and click Subscriptions to see. 

I think that would make yours: but it’s unique for each user.


Another way to quickly access a person's profile (without using the hamburger) is to simply click on their name whenever it appears in the system. For example in the "author" box on their question or post.


I can see the hamburger menu on the mobile version of the website (but got confused because there's a TMO hamburger too).  I just found My Profile on the desktop web version. It's on the grey bar under the ad banner to the right of Forum.

Kinda sad that someone downvoted me for asking this question.  That seems kind of anti-welcoming to me. 

Oh, I downvoted that only to bury that so the actual answer would bubble up. Eventually, as the system gets more content, it will begin to self-organize based (in part) on those ratings. 

So it wasn’t a downvote of you. It was just a downvote because that post didn’t answer the original question.

mostly it was just me testing the system to see how it all susses out. 


Ah. I think that action has unexpected consequences. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure downvotes actually lower the "cred" of the person who wrote the comment/question.  One of the motivators of a message board is to gain such cred to be recognized as one who contributes in a valuable way.  I'm not certain that's how this forum software works, but it is true for other forum software, such as Reddit.  Downvotes, in general, mean that something was stupid or wrong.  Might be better to let the system work organically?

Good point. @maccast do you know? I thought with the Q&A layout, specifically, that upvotes and downvotes were about surfacing the best answers for a specific question.

That is correct @davehamilton. In the Q&A layout the Vote Up and Vote Down buttons help to find the best answer in answers list. Another helpful thing is the "Approved" checkmark which the original author of the question can use to mark the most helpful (correct) answer.

For non-Q&A posts the voting buttons are replaced with the "like" button. You can use "likes" to see in general how helpful a persons post or reply is.

That said, in this system NONE of these items go to impact a person's "reputation" (stars or rank on their profile). The only thing that matters there is numbers of posts (participation in the community). Quality of a persons participation is mostly displayed visibly in their "likes".


Thanks @adam-christianson. Cool on the click the person's name trick.  And thanks for the info on the up/down arrows not affecting reputation.  I have a new question though - where are the Like buttons? You said on non-Q&A posts, but when I make a post it doesn't ask me to identify if it's a Q&A or not. And I don't see a like button.  As before, I'm sure it's there but I'm not seeing it!



Sorry for any confusion @podfeet. The "like" buttons are the equivalent of the vote up / vote down arrows on Q&A posts, but for "regular" forum posts. The posts in the non-Q&A section of the forums. Hope that clears things up.


Hmmm. Maybe I'm being dense, but I don't have a profile button, only Edit profile (see attached image).

The link you sent is exactly what I was looking for but without knowing that URL I'm not seeing how to get to it.  I tried clicking on my avatar but that didn't work, tried clicking on my in the Online members' area but that showed stuff about how much I'd posted or been upvoted and such, not the link you posted.

mgg forum no profile

I’m on my phone right now, but on Mobile it’s just hamburger menu > My Profile