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Let us know what you think  



Let us know what you think! And, more importantly, let us know if there are any changes you'd like to suggest.

Can't seem to find this... How to edit or delete a post I have made?

Some of the replies to questions are not answers, but  advertising about non related stuff.  

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I'd put the forums at the same level as Mac iPhone Apple Watch Podcast, so it would be easier to find. Even then, I think the layout is a bit confusing, you wonder if you're in the Forums or still on the main site. It should be more obvious that it's the forums. Maybe that's just me though.

Absolutely. My plan is for the forums to replace the WWDC 2018 link up there. Right now I'm considering this still a "soft launch" just for those of you that are members of our Facebook group or find us via the show notes while we work out any lingering kinks.


Still a bit of a struggle signing up. The indication is that I would get an email that would then ask me to set my password. That did not occur. When I clicked "forgot password" I was told my email already existed and to make that change. I just ignored, went back to the Forum link and logged in then entered my profile information. 


Ok, so I KNOW you did a lot of searching around to find the right forum software, but have you considered Discourse? Looks like MacPowerUser and Keyboard Maestro's forum use it and I was wondering why you did go with them too. 

We looked at Discourse and quite a few others, of course. There were many reasons we chose wpForo, so I suppose a better response might be: what is it about Discourse that you, as a user, might prefer to what you're seeing now?

Well, I think it's easier to make your point when you can SEE an image instead of having to download the image just to see what was mentioned in a post. I also think that the poster has its profile way too big on each post. I just thought discourse's look is more streamlined. But, hey, I'm too late to the party on those comments. I'll keep on coming for the people though, at least it's not Facebook;-)


Just go the email notification about this post. Do you think it would be possible to have the complete text of the reply? Right now, we don't have a choice but to come back to the forum to see what is the reply. It would be nice to be able to see it right in the email notification. If we want to reply, then we click the link and reply here (or better yet, right from the email, I know it can be done on some forum platforms).

That came up in our beta testing, too. You're not alone... unfortunately, it seems like this feature isn't available in our WpForo software, but hopefully it will be at some point!


It would be nice to be able to vote on replies. I saw a good tip in a thread of replies, but the only option to vote it up was on the original post, not the one with the tip in it.