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My favorite app to compress videos, have you used it?


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I had a problem compressing my videos in the past. I didn't like the interface, or it was hard for me to realize how the tool was used. Not only that but I also wanted to change the way it compressed and it was very frustrating. But recently I found a tool that allows me to compress long videos and send them to my clients faster

Compress is a video compressor app for desktops that reduces the size of videos. It works with almost any format and outputs a compressed MPEG-4 (MP4) file. Also, this app allows you to convert videos.

It offers 3 options for compressing videos:
Faster Encode: This is the quickest way to compress any video, but it slightly reduces the video quality.
Better Quality: This option ensures a better quality of the compressed video, but it takes slightly longer to compress.
Custom: This lets you customize the settings for the video compression. These are discussed in further detail below.

About the compression time, you can choose between ultra-fast, very fast, fast, medium, and slow. A slower compression time means better quality, while faster compression lowers the quality. The default is medium.

Some features you should know:

1. Extremely intuitive user interface.
2. Quick and easy to use.
3. Compress multiple videos at once.
4. One-time purchase, no subscription required.

Have you already used it? Tell me, what do you think? :)Do you have another app that you recommend?

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Maybe you can point to where this app is? I see a number of compressors reviewed at


But none have the name "Compress".