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[Solved] pictures in posts?  



Any way to attach images within a post? Since most of this user forum is about sharing tips, tricks which often are better suited by sharing a screenshot, or even a quick video to demonstrate the tip or to help. It's kind of a bummer not to be able to post more than one attachment to one post either (since we can't see images). I guess I could put the screengrabs on dropbox and share that link, but if I move them around at some point those will become invalid. Anyway, just my 2 cents:-)

Apologies for the delay in replying here. I got out of sync while I was traveling, and then came back and had a few other distractions. Digging (back) into this now, and looking to see how we can remedy this. It's most certainly now "on the list".

2 Answers

This is now "fixed". Images, etc., should now appear in posts, first as thumbnails which are clickable into lightboxes. For a test, I'll share a rainbow that appeared recently after a gig I played. 🙂 

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Cool, displays OK in iOS Safari

And testing if iOS interface can add some snow under the rainbow......

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nicely done!


thanks for fixing this Dave. And thanks for fixing the issue I was having with login in. That was weird.