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[Solved] "Report" button not working?  



I just tried to use the "Report" feature (via Safari on macOS 10.13.5) on a couple of junk posts and even though I have added a comment I get an error message:

Error: Please insert some text to report 


Same here -- twice tried to report spam on the following thread, and got that message twice.


I also wasn’t able to report spam on a couple of thread. Man I didn’t know spamer were sophisticated that much. I had an anwswer which I though made no sense to one of my post, but it was in fact spam. Does the forum has any moderator to delete those post?

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Hey gang, sorry for the slow response on this. This one turned out to be a bit tricky to track down, but I found the issue (a jQuery version/deprecation issue for those who care) and it should now be working now.

Adam, Thank You, and may we not really need to report anything 🤥 

Thanks Adam


I have also tried using the report button and received the same error.  I thought it was related to me using NoScript . 


Apologies for the delay in replying here (and elsewhere). I got out of sync while I was traveling, and then came back and had a few other distractions. Digging (back) into this now. We'll test today and/or Monday and see what's broken about the reporting functionality.


Still broken trying to report

[...deleted SPAM link removed to avoid 404s...]


Sorry about this! I've deleted the spam post you linked to, and we're re-looking into the error (I've now experienced the error, too, so it's testable... and that's good for debugging and troubleshooting! 🙂