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[Solved] RSS funny business  




Nothing serious. I use Leaf and I subscribed to the Forums and Topics RSS feeds. I use Leaf for my feeds and noticed that the side panel was only showing ellipsis.

After widening the sidebar I could read the text that was otherwise described as ellipsis when the sidebar was narrow.

MGG RSS feed in Leaf, wide sidebar.
MGG RSS feed in Leaf, narrow sidebar

Also, you will notice that the names of the feeds do not reflect the titles.

RSS titles don't match titles in RSS reader


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2 Answers

Seems like an issue with Leaf's internal browser? Is that the right interpretation here?

I use Reeder and am actually composing this reply within it.

As a result of this "Issue" I came to the realization that I can edit the feed name in Leaf but being able to reply inside the reader is certainly exciting. I am interpreting this then as a potential issue with Leaf so I will contact them about it. Thanks for the reply.


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