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I'd love some sort of indexed database for everything in show notes. I generally only listen to MGG when driving, which means I'm rarely able to check the shows notes for a CSF or quick tip as I'm listening. Also the need to reference those show notes might not pop up until I'm with a client weeks or more later. At that point it's then too time-consuming to try and pore through weeks of show notes looking for the thing I wanted. As a consultant I think it would be an amazing tool to be able to search the show notes by topic, problem, hardware, subject, etc. I'd even be willing to commit some time or $ to this, as it'd be a super valuable resource to have a "consultant's encyclopedia" of sorts. 🙂


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Do you mean something like this?


Possibly placing show notes into their own forum category would the allow native wpforo searching within just that category without expending time & effort for another “database”?