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Updates to Forum Login Flow and Timeouts  



Hey, all! @adam-christianson and I spent some time tonight working on the nitty gritty of the forums, and made two tweaks that many of you have been asking for (and probably presumed we were going to ignore forever!):

  1. The blue/dropdown "Login"/"Register" box now will remember where you came from and bring you back there after you login. If you were on a specific post and clicked "Reply" and got that box, now you'll come back to that specific post.

    But hopefully that's less of an issue going forward because...

  2. We extended the login timeout to 1 year for anyone that clicks the "Remember Me" box

We also fixed some nginx reverse proxy caching logic that I totally fubared when moving us to the new server a few weeks ago (nginx as a reverse proxy cache is new to me – we were previously using Varnish for that). Quite frankly, I'm impressed that the site worked at all over the last few weeks. But hey, now it's even better. 😳 

As always, if you see something, please say something. We're here, and ready to make this as smooth as possible for all of you!


I'm slow in catching up on activity here, but thanks for the tweak to the login timeout.... with me checking the site via at least 4 different devices and a couple of different apps with their own browser "memory" it seemed I was having to re-login to the site somewhere every other day!