Where should tips go? Poll is created on November 30, 2018 9:14 EST AM


Where should we put tips?  



As listeners know, we love tips as much as we love questions (and answers!). After all, a tip is just an answer to a question that we haven't yet asked.

@steven posted a great tip today but wasn't sure where it belonged, and I agree.

Part of me thinks they simply belong in the Q&A section, so a Mac tip would be in the "Mac Questions" (or perhaps renamed "Mac Questions and Tips") section, etc. But we could just as easily create a "Tips" section for these.

We'll cogitate on this, but I'm curious what your thoughts are?

2 Answers

I am torn between all 3.

For possible MacObserver or MGG material, I would think one new all-in-one "Tips" forum.

For users looking for Tips, a per forum Tip so that someone looking for Mac tips, will not need to wade through iPhone, networking, NAS, etc... tips.  But that starts to become a jungle of forums, that of course will not be completely followed anyway  😀

Which would then lead towards just having tips in the Topic specific forum, but they will get lost there.

OK, I'm going to vote for a "Tips" Forum and let uses swim in there.  😀

I only ever saw it as two tip areas, one for iOS and the other for the Mac. Maybe Dave has other ideas for a rollout.


I think rename the sections as “questions & tips”. Frequently the correct answer to a question ends up as being a “tip”.

Sounds reasonable to me.