[Solved] Why doesn't login keep me in the forum?  



I start at which redirects me here.  Then I want to make a comment/ask a question. I hit the login button and log in.  I'm taken to my Account page offering to let me update my profile. I didn't ask for that.  Maybe it wants more of my personal information and this is a way of trying to get me to fill in every field? In any case, I don't want to do that so I hit the back button in my browser and instead of taking me here, it takes me to the top-level Mac Observer page.  This forces me to start completely over.  

Why doesn't log in, just log me in and keep me here?


I have found if you save the forum page to your home screen while still logged-in, then when you return your back where you want and logged-in. 😀 


Huh.  Workable but seems clumsy?  I bet @adam-christianson could fix this...

Oh, so you're gonna call me out, eh @podfeet?

Typically the code I wrote for the login should be attempting to return you to the page you were on prior to logging in. If something goes wrong or it can't do that it should try to take you to the home page. That said, there are a number of add-ons (ones I did not write) that were put in place for the forum. It's possible that's creating some conflict and hijacking my code logic. It'll try looking into it, but troubleshooting this stuff can be tricky. For example, when I logged it to my account it brought me right back to this thread. Why did it work for me and not you? Guess that's what I need to figure out now.


my profile only has my real name for and my email address.  all other fields are empty.

I get to this forum either because I'm reading the RSS feed, which is how I got to this question, or I use

my login just logs me into this forum and does not take me anywhere strange.

obviously, your mileage varies.


Would it help if I made a quick video recording of what happens? Maybe I'm doing something unexpected.


Well that was quick. And I might have a fix, but give me some time to work on it.

The issue seems to be triggered when you have a login error (like a mistyped password). When that happens the system loses the return URL and then redirects you to your profile page. I just tried with with a test account. When clicked login from this page and then fat fingered my password, I got an error. When tried again and logged in successfully it brought me to my account page. When I logged out and tried again without the password error it brought me right back here.


I'm using 1Password to log in so while i would normally suggest user error, I don't think that's why it happens to me.  

Might be possible that 1Password is doing something odd with the session/query, so I'll test that. thanks.

I also use 1Password to login


Ok. Found another possibility. As I said, the custom add-ons tend to "hijack" functionality. See screenshot, but when I'm not logged in and click "add comment" or "add answer" I get the blue "alert" with the login link. This is generated by the Forum software and doesn't pick up the redirect that needs to be passed to our login code. If you use "our" login button (marked) before you try to comment the redirect should work. I'll see if I can fix the one the forum software generates.

Screen Shot 2018 10 23 at 1.16.44 PM


Yes! That's it! I always forget to log in before trying to comment so I was hitting the pop up not the "normal" login button.

Yup. That still needs to be addressed, so I'm adding it to the bug list. Thanks!