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A reminder app that works with Fantasical/Calendar...  



Hi-I am using the app, Due, and I love it but I really need something like that that integrates with Fantasical/Calendar. I need something that nags me about some stuff and those nags and Fantasical/Calendar are all on one app. Does anyone know of such an app? I am actually using Fantasical in place of Calendar. Or maybe there is a way to set up something annoying on either Fantastical or Calendar. Thank you! 

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Fantastical works with Apple’s Reminders app as a foundation. Any other app that uses Reminders to store tasks therefore also works with Fantastical.

I use 2Do, for example, which has a lot of flexibility in creating reminders and these also appear in Fantastical because of the Reminders integration. Is that what you mean?


Hi Ben-I guess I will check out 2Do. 

What I am looking for is an app that works with Fantasical & Calendar and will nag me incessantly to get a certain task done. Sometimes I need that annoying push to get a chore done. With Due I can set a nag/remind to go off at a set time and it will continue to nag/remind me till I do the chore. 

If Apple's Reminders or Calendar can be a nag, I am unaware of it. 

Thank you for replying, Ben! Judy


I use an iPhone app that is NOT integrated with Reminders, and NOT integrated with Fantastical & Calendar, but it works for me.


Alarmed, from Yoctoville.


I can set repeating alarms, so, for example, a wake-up alarm for 6:30 am Mon-Fri.


I can set single purpose alarms, such an appointment.


I can geo-fenced alarms if I drive near a given location.


The alarms can be shared via iCloud, so if you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, they can all get the same alarms.


An alarm can have a Nag-Me which can repeat for any number of times, at any specified interval, including every day. Once you dismiss the alarm the nagging stops. Although I have to be careful when using my Apple Watch to dismiss this, as I might think I'm just cleaning up alerts on my Apple Watch, but if I do it wrong, I've just said I'm dismissing the alarm and the nagging stops.


I can have DayMinders alarms, for example, I have one that goes off from 6:05 pm till 11:05 pm every day, to tell me to stand so I get extra standing credits on my Apple Watch. And each DayMinder event can have a Nag-Me component, so I have it nag me every 15 minutes until I dismiss the hourly DayMinder. This does not kill it, just says I did my standing for that hour.


And for me, the most valuable feature is that you can give each alarm its own unique sound, from a list of provided alarm sounds. So you can have alarms you do not have to rush to complete have a not very annoying alarm (such as a simple ding, or a bleep, etc...), and the alarm telling you to leave for the airport or you will miss your flight, can be an Air Raid Siren, or an EAS Warning, Police Siren, etc...


But if you are using an Apple Watch, Alarmed just passes the alarm to the Apple Watch and you get the one-size-fits-all Apple Watch alarm, but it is easy to quick check the watch vs having to take the iPhone out of your pocket.


Alarmed also have the ability to have a long list of preset timers, with each getting their own alarm sound. So you can have that soft boiled egg timer or for me a set of timers for when I do laundry so I do not leave my clothes sitting in the washer all night. Timers can have Nag-Me as well.


The app has a free mode, that does not have as many unique alarm sounds, and some of the features, such as Nag-Me, DayMinders, etc... are disabled. But you can easily try before you buy, and the paid price is not very much.


2Do supports nagging. You can be nagged by alerts up to 5 times—every 5, 15, or 30 minutes, hour, or day—until you view or snooze them. You would receive the notifications through either 2Do or Reminders, because I thought think Fantastical or Calendar supports notifications for reminders.


Thank you, datafornothinandbitsforfree! I will check this out. Judy