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Anyone have experience with switching to the iCloud shared Storage plan?  



I want to enable the shared storage plan for my family. But one of my daughters has an older Mac. So I don't think she can enable it without losing the connection between her Mac and her iPhone (not sure if she cares or not). But if she would switch on her iPhone would there be any issues?

My wife it completely up to date. (i.e. iOS 12.4.1 for iPad and iPhone and 10.14x for the Mac).

I guess I just want some one to say that they have switched from their family using individual storage accounts to a shared storage plan and either here are the gotchas or did it without issue.

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Hi Paul. Shared storage only needs to be activated by a family member using a device capable of managing the feature. The sharing will work with devices on older systems.

I've helped a client with this setup before. One person was using Yosemite, which is too old to manage shared storage. So, we made the family organizer someone whose newer OS could enable it. All went smoothly.


Thank you.