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App Store issue On iOS


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So I recently got a iPhone XS Max after coming back from Android. Great phone, absolutely love it, but I’m having an issue with the App Store. It never shows when there are updates. Never. I have to go into the App Store, then click updates for them to show up. I googled it and tried all the bs, logout of the App Store back in, etc. nothing has fixed it.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

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I do get app update notifications (as in a Red circle badge with the number of updates waiting in the circle)

Here is my Settings -> Notifications -> App Store settings

IMG 8919


Here are my Settings -> iTunes & App Store settings (scrolled down just enough to hide my Apple ID, but show the settings at the bottom)

IMG 8920


I would show a screenshot of what waiting app updates look like, but I do not have any at the moment 😀


This problem I also frequently encountered with whatsapp gb app.


I have applied a lot of solutions but it failed.





i will ask this again on whatsapp gb group. then will reply you