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Possible? Using AppleTV to stream Keynote presentations via iCloud  




I wanted to know if I can stream 1080p Keynote presentations through iCloud on an AppleTV with no reliance on MacOS or an iPhone, just iCloud, an internet connection (for streaming) and an AppleTV.

If this works this is how I envision it working. I place a number of keynote files on iCloud. Using the AppleTV I tcan choose one or all of the files and let them playback on their own and then loop. Looping is VERY important.

Is this possible?

I own a 3rd gen AppleTV but it is sitting in the box, I never use it really.

I will buy the latest AppleTV if this can be done.


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To my knowledge there is no Keynote (or "Keynote Player"-type) app for Apple TV, which is what would be required here. I think AirPlay is your option which, of course, requires an iOS or macOS device running Keynote.

Second Dave's comment. It's a very cool idea, so I recommend you submit it using


Not quite what you want but you can export the Keynotes as a movie,stirs them in iCloud and play on the Apple TV.