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[Solved] Apple Watch 4 WiFi  


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Hope it's OK to ask this here ... didn't see a category for Apple Watch related questions and this seemed the most logical place to me.


Can the Apple Watch 4 without cellular (the US $399 version) connect to WiFi networks without going thru an iPhone?  I.e. if my wife had one and wore it to the YMCA and left her iPhone in the car, could she still join the Y's WiFi network and receive / send text messages?




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P.S.  Neither of us have an Apple Watch, so please excuse me if this seems a very basic question...

2 Answers

Yep! See Apple Support Article HT205547.


Just a follow-up note: @jim-tanous is correct, of course, and it's important to remember that you can't add networks to your Apple Watch directly. In order for your Watch to connect to Wi-Fi, you first connect your iPhone to it and then hope/assume/pray/wave-a-chicken-around that your Watch will inherit that network's name and credentials and auto-connect. 

So just make sure you bring your iPhone into the YMCA and connect to their Wi-Fi network from that... after that you should be OK.