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Apple Watch advice  



Apologies if this isn’t the correct place to ask this but..

I want to buy a smart watch but can’t afford the latest model of Apple Watch or even the one before that.

i only really want it for the basic exercise and health functions, to have notifications or calls and messages and ideally to respond to messages. Even better would be to have map directions for when I’m walking.


So my question is, would a used Apple Watch v3 accomplish those things or is there a n alternative at the £150 - £200 price point that works with iOS. Is it pointless buying such an old iteration of Apple hardware?

BTW I’m not asking this to bypass the research on my part 🙂 I’m just interested in people’s experience 

any help much appreciated 

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As long as you’re aware of any compatibility issues I think you’ll find a Gen 3 watch provides what you need. 

Thanks so much for the reply. Do you think that spending $180-ish USD on a gen 3 watch is a wise decision. I have no experience of using any apple watch you see. I presume I'd have to accept that i won't be able to download newer watch OS versions as they come out but I guess if it does what I want then that wouldn't matter. mmmm decisions, decisions!


Just make absolutely sure the seller has followed these instructions

otherwise you may have purchased a tiny doorstop.  Apple takes very seriously theft prevention, and it is difficult to prove you are the owner of a 2nd hand Apple Watch.

Thanks so much for the advice 🙂

I should also mention that if you have an iPhone 6 or 6 plus OR older, you must be very careful what version of watchOS is on the Apple Watch. The iPhone 6 and older will only pair to the older watchOS 5.

The current watchOS 6 will only pair to the iPhone 6s, SE (1 or 2), 7, or newer iPhones.


There are a lot of apple watch alternative so you can go with it according to what you want. See apple is best you can't compare it, but you want to just accomplish those things so can go with alternative rather than apple. This is my choice !! Thanks

Thanks for that, i bought an Apple watch 3 in the end and its great!