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apple watch battery issues  



Hi all,

I have a iPhone Xs running the public beta of 13.1

I have a 4th generation apple watch running 5.3.1

Recently, i have noticed the battery in my watch running down much quicker than before.

I have unpaired and reset the watch as new.

installed less apps than before. 

Turned off background actives...etc (everything you would normally do to try to conserve battery)

The only other thing i did recently to was to install an app on the iPhone, Castlight,

This app tracks steps and gets me points i can redeem for stuff though my employer.

It links directly with Apple Healthkit....but i not sure that would have a direct effect on the watch...

I wonder if its just something in iOS 13.1 or this app or something else?

Any ideas?






I’m having exactly the same experience....same watch version and Watch OS version, but with an iPoneX. The problem started with 13.1

Happy to hear its not just me. I was beginning to think that the app i installed was the culprit..but tried with and with out that and still the same behavior.
I wonder if there is a new setting in health or activity in iOS 13.1 that we need to change?

Same here ... IOS 13.1 with Apple Watch series 4 battery draining over night