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Apple watch s4 question  



Hi all,

I've had the S4 since its release day and its currently running watchOS 5.1.1 (16R600)

I've noticed that in the morning (after charging) its only up to 94-96%....and its been on the charger all night (apple charger that came with it) 

After a reboot of the watch, it seems to help and charge to 100% but this issue seems to come back after a few days. 

Generally the battery life is ok. Putting it on at 6am at 96% or so and getting home at 6pm or so and having 70%, And sometimes after the gym and tracking a workout. I have not restored the watch...was hoping for watchOS 5.2 first to see if that helps. 
Just want to make sure its not a hardware issue

anyone else having any issues like this?





1 Answer

Perhaps try running it all the way down and all the way back up again? While batteries themselves don’t need to be calibrated in today’s world, sometimes the circuit managing the battery needs to do a little bit of learning.