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Apps not downloading/updating  



Yesterday I tried to download LINE(a social media app that I got so I could talk to a long distance friend in Japan) and it wouldn’t download. I reset all settings on my phone to fix the issue as it only applied to that one app. Now I can’t download or update any app whatsoever . Despite logging out of iCloud , turning my phone off and on and signing out of iTunes nothing installs. I use my Face ID to authorise the download , the wheel spins for about 20 seconds(sometimes less) and then the “Get” icon appears. Same with updating apps(tried Reddit , Sky Sports and WWE) . At a complete loss here as to what to do as I need to download this app to avoid losing contact with my friend and the phone will become useless over time if I cannot install or even update anything.

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Curious what you did to solve this, @joshbarnes? Did a reboot of the iPhone solve it?