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Arrgh! "Sorry, something is wrong with your data."


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TL;DR: Why did iMazing cause me to get this alert?

(Context: I'm security cautious.  I get annoyed when, for example, I'm forced to install the root certificate "Kaspersky Web Anti-Virus Certification Authority" in order to install the latest Kaspersky anti-malware software.  (Previously this was optional).  But this post is about DigiDNA's iMazing.)

I was surprised by this macOS pop-up this morning.

"iMazing wants to export key" <name> "from your keychain".

I'm hesitant to give ANYTHING access to a private key on my system, and the key <name> in my keychain is a private key, as is the key name "iMazing: <name> (3AC1<...>)"

I wonder what this is.  Instead of messaging support, I'm posting in a public place, as others may well have the same question and google for answers.

Relevant?: I recently used a private Personal Code Signing Cert with Org name <name> to sign a 'thin' Beta copy of Thunderbird.

(Created with

ditto -v --hfsCompression --arch arm64 /Volumes/Thunderbird/ 
/Applications/Thunderbird BETA

and signed with

codesign -s <SHA-256 of my private code-signing key -- E56F...> /Applications/Thunderbird BETA


that has the OrgName <name> too!

I just composed a LONG question and tried to post it and got this!

> Sorry, something is wrong with your data.

I loaded to no avail.  But then magically / by manually saving my complaining post, 0 Revisions turned into 3 Revisions, and (the body of) my post was recoverable.  YMMV.