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Badge on mail when all messages have been read


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Whenever I have unread messages my mail icon shows a badge with the correct count of unread mail. However when I have no unread mail the badge always shows 5. Always. Without fail. Any ideas what might cause this?  I have numerous accounts including gmail, iCloud and regular imap.  I see this on both my iPhone and iPad 



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In my head I can imagine John & Dave offering the following suggestion: Try turning off (and then on again) Notifications for Mail (Settings->Notifications->Mail).

It could be a stale cache file or pointer that might be refreshed by this.


Thanks, @jimmeiss — That would certainly be one of the first things to try. Nice! 😉

@andywinter — I'm assuming that none of your mailboxes show anything at this point? I.e. there's nothing in your mailboxes that's related to this 5? If so, perhaps try rebuilding each of your inboxes by highlighting them one-by-one and choosing Mailbox > Rebuild to see if that helps?

Also check Mail > Preferences > General > Dock Unread Count and ensure that it's set to "Inbox Only" and not some option that shows additional messages.

Edit: d'oh — I answered as though this were a Mac problem above, and then realized it's an iOS problem. I'll leave the Mac answers here, just in case someone stumbles along later and finds this. 

On iOS, also check Settings > Mail > Notifications and look in both VIP and Favorite Mailboxes to make sure you're not getting notifications for something other than your inbox.


Hmm, perhaps isolation test this symptom by temporarily deactivating Mail for each of the different accounts you have to see if there is one particular one in which the "5" are hiding.

Also, check if you have another 3rd party account for which you have other services enabled but for which Mail is deactivated. There might be a zombie mail cache hanging around for that which Mail only notices when it has nothing else to count????