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Bluetooth and Car Audio problems


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I have my iPhone X paired with the car I drive most of the time (a 2015 Honda Civic) which has built-in Bluetooth. For reference purposes, my wife's iPhone is NOT paired with BT in this car. We also own a Ford van that doesn't have built-in BT, but which I have added as a dongle from Anker called SoundSync.

The other day we were caravanning in the two vehicles to the dealership to drop off the van. My wife was driving the Honda and I was driving the Ford. I had paired my iPhone to Anker Soundysnc to listen to podcasts, but every time we stopped at an intersection or a stoplight and I got close to the Honda, it would switch Bluetooth to the Honda! Then as we pulled away, the iPhone would get confused and just stop playing. You can imagine how frustrating this is.

Short of telling my iPhone to forget the Honda BT connection, is there a way to prioritize BT connections like we have with Wifi? Or is there some other solution I'm not thinking of?

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I'd say for the 2 times you do this in a year, it's not worth fussing over it 😉¬†

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Unfortunately it happens more often than that. My office is right next to the driveway and whenever my wife takes the car, when she starts it up, my iPhone, if it's playing audio in my office, switches to the car. So it's not a rare annoyance.

Hey Domenico,

Just wanted to report back in that the priority listing works just wish there was an easier way other than uninstalling and reinstalling them in a prioritized order. The theory holds though, the device with the highest priority remains connected until it is not connected, then the second in line has the authority and so on. It is something to experiment with when you have time. Thanks for sharing I was bound to meet this problem one day, and now I know what to do. 

Best of luck...



Hello Domenico,

Thanks for sharing... booth technology is great but I believe you stumble upon a question for the pros. I mean Apple themselves as this may be a problem that those brilliant minds missed. Although the circumstances you explain is rare there should be a user option to simplify the confusion. This is a link I found that might be a solution let me know if it was of any help. The information is dated but could still be quite relevant, so try it there's nothing to lose. The person talks about listing your devices in order of priority, read it for more details..."possible solution" 


Share your finding if it worked or not just curious...Good luck!!!



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