Changing wireless router and then reconnecting an Amazon Dot  



1. Replaced my router.  All other devices in the house connected fine.

2. But the Amazon Dot, not so much. 

3. The deal is that you have to temporarily connect your phone via wifi to the Dot on an Amazon wifi network (generated by the Dot I guess) in order to change the wifi that the dot will really use.

4. You do this through the Alexa app, 

5. But when I follow their directions, I get to an Alexa app screen , that says "Connected to Alexa Dot", but the Continue button on that screen is unresponsive. And after like five minutes, another screen sometimes comes up with a "Unable to configure device language" at the top.

6. I remember having some trouble setting this up initially. It's almost Belkin or Microsoft bad. Surprising, because once hooked up, the Dot has a good interface.

7. Any ideas?


This weekend we're traveling to Moab, UT to compete in a paddle board race on a seven-mile section of the Colorado River. It's our first race of the season. Typical of most SUP races, we have a running start into the river (while carrying our paddles and boards), paddle for about an hour and a then jump off our boards and run a short distance across a rocky shore and parking lot to the finish line. For the past few weeks we've debated which paddle boards to take with us; as each race board has its advantages in different conditions. But our footwear will be the Xero Z-Trek sandal – for obvious reasons: This race seems to have been designed around the functionality that we love about the Z-Trek. Water? Rocks? Running? Bring new balance sneaker for sale it.

You've got a stellar vacation coming up. Each night you're thinking about all the new food you're about to chow down on, the new scenes you're going to experience, and all the novelty coming your way!

But if you're like the common athlete/fitness fanatic the anxiety will sneak it's way into that excitement sandwich. "How are you going to get in all your training? What this is going to do to your fitness? You're screwed! "

We know that feeling all too well. How do you balance out the wanderlust bug with the running bug? It's visit here not easy. But 100% doable. We've been all over the world traveling vigorously and still maintained our sanity while not falling off the entire fitness bandwagon. We just went to Morocco and actually came back FITTER than when we left. So here are 5 tips to taking a vacay without your fitness mind going new balance shoes outlet nuts.

Training your heart out before: If you know you're going on a vacay that isn't going to have many training opportunities (whether that's because you're stuck on a cruise ship or your agenda is already jam-packed with activities from the crack of dawn till night time), look prior to your vacation for ramping up your training. Having a loaded week(s) before your vacation can give buy new balance shoes yourself the ease of mind that you're vacation time is more of a "recovery" period for yourself than a training grind.

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