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Changing wireless router and then reconnecting an Amazon Dot  



1. Replaced my router.  All other devices in the house connected fine.

2. But the Amazon Dot, not so much. 

3. The deal is that you have to temporarily connect your phone via wifi to the Dot on an Amazon wifi network (generated by the Dot I guess) in order to change the wifi that the dot will really use.

4. You do this through the Alexa app, 

5. But when I follow their directions, I get to an Alexa app screen , that says "Connected to Alexa Dot", but the Continue button on that screen is unresponsive. And after like five minutes, another screen sometimes comes up with a "Unable to configure device language" at the top.

6. I remember having some trouble setting this up initially. It's almost Belkin or Microsoft bad. Surprising, because once hooked up, the Dot has a good interface.

7. Any ideas?

1 Answer

Sorry for the delay in my reply. Missed this when it came in. I would factory reset the Dot if you haven't already. has instructions