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[Solved] Contacts privacy settings  



iPhone X, ios 12

when I go to settings - privacy - contacts I can see the apps that have access to my contacts. But the whole screen is kind of greyed out and I can‘t make any changes there. I also can‘t allow new apps access to my contacts.

Is there another setting I have to enable first?


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Bingo! Thank you so much!!! 


Bizarre. I just checked mine (same iPhone X, iOS 12.0.1 as of yesterday), and I can turn individual apps listed on and off. Are any other privacy Settings screens grayed out? Or is it just contacts? 

I'm wondering if your phone has an MDM profile in it somewhere restricting your control? Or parental controls enabled? Go to Settings > General > Profiles and see what lives there. That might give a hint here.


Hi Dave,

no MDM profile, just my comodo certificates. All the other privacy settings, camera for example, work as they should. Just not contacts.

hrm... ok. Cogitating. 😉 


I'm not sure when this started. I have changed settings there in the past but not for a very long time.

I installed Waze a few days ago. When I played around with it I found the option to send my ETA. When I tried to do so it asked me to give Waze permission to access my contacts. For that the Waze settings in the settings app popped up. Since there was no way of giving Waze permission to my contacts there I went to the privacy settings and noticed, that there was no Waze there and I'm not able to make any changes there.

Not sure if that is related or just the way I discovered that there is something wrong.

Sorry, have to ask the obvious, have you shutdown & restarted the iPhone?

I have definitely had a couple of "strange" things happen under iOS 12 that were magically fixed after a reboot.


Yes, but it did not help. Uninstalled Waze, but still the same problem.

OK, the symptom sounds exactly the same as how my iPhone looks if I have turned on:

Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Contacts > Don't allow

So I'd suggest the "flip it one way, flip it the other" for both the overall button for Content & Privacy Restrictions as well as the switch for allow/don't allow specifically for Contacts.