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Dual Sim on iPhone XS -- Have I Been Caught?  



Just listened to episode 728, so apologies in advance if this has already been addressed in subsequent episodes, but I've recently ported my Sideline # to my Verizon iPhone XS, and I've got a comment and a question.

Comment -- In response to the second number in a CDMA dual sim needing to be on a non-CDMA carrier, this isn't true, as I now have 2 Verizon lines active on my iPhone XS. 

Question -- Despite now having the convenience of seeing all calls and texts coming in through my native Phone interface,  I think I got caught, and I'm wondering if anyone else has seen WiFi calling become broken by dual SIM? I live in an area with poor reception, so I rely heavily on WiFi to make and receive calls and texts while I'm home. With the recent port of my second line in, however, I cannot make or receive calls or texts on my newly-ported business line while home. This, despite the fact that I have WiFi Calling enabled on both the personal and business lines in Settings. 

Anyone else?


A follow-up to this:
I noticed since I have switched to dual SIM that my voicemail messages now seem to resurrect randomly. I will often need to delete them 2-3x for them to finally stay dead.

Additional side-effect noted: if I respond to a message thread on my Mac, occasionally it will change the responding number from business to personal. So even though the thread has been initiated on my second (non-iMessage) line, it will sometimes just switch to iMessage and text the person from my personal phone number (which feels a bit confusing to them and generally appears a little unprofessional).