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E faxing reviews  



 I’m planning on cutting the cord and giving up my landline. I’d like to see others use of EFax via macOS or iOS and which would work for just a few faxes yearly. 

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An "email to fax" account is probably easiest if you're simply sending a few faxes per year and the ones I've seen there is no monthly charge for this service just a "pay per page" when you do use it.

The converse if you want to also receive faxes is a "fax to email" service and usually because you have to have a dedicated phone number for the incoming message there will be a monthly fee to cover that.

For the 1 or 2 faxes I send per year I have an account with and I keep a few dollars of credit stored in it.

Thank you. That may work. 


I like hellofax.