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[Solved] Enabling iCloud photos from iPhone X


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Went to my gf's iPhone X to enable iCloud Photos but was warned that since the phone was using iTunes for backup that hundreds of photos would be lost. How does one go about preserving those photos and enabling iCloud Photos for her phone? 

BTW, I had previously that day enabled iCloud Photos on her iPad without issues.


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To be clear, the message you received probably didn’t mention “backup” but that your girlfriend has used iTunes to indicate which photos she wants to take from her library on her Mac and put back on her iPhone. That is, she previously imported them to the Mac, possibly even deleted them from the phone, and then said she wanted them on the phone again. That’s a function of iTunes that predates iCloud.

So, agreed, for due diligence, make sure all new iPhone photos get imported to the Mac first. Then, enable iCloud Photos and accept the deletion warning.




Looks like you will be fine enabling iCloud Photo Library:

I agree with the article that I would make sure to have them synced to Photo's 1st but it is a good idea to use iCloud Photo Library as you can then enable the optimize photo library option and let your gf's iPhone automagically manage the photo library for her without her having to worry about how many photos or videos she takes.

Just make sure she has purchased enough iCloud storage space and she will be fine.