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Exempting apps from Screen Time  



Is there a way or a third party app that would allow me to exempt some apps on my iPhone or iPad, from being recorded as Screen Time?  If I’m listening to music when I workout, or even when I listen to Pandora on timer when I go to bed, that is not Screen Time IMHO and should not be counted as such. If I choose to read an ebook rather than a hardbound book, even though it probably is listed as Productivity, I don’t want it added as Screen Time. Even driving, if Waze, Google Maps or Apple Maps are telling me directions, that should not be considered Screen Time.  

So is there a way to list certain apps so that they are exempt from being recorded as Screen Time, other than going to settings and turning off screen time every time I use them. If not, there should be.

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Great question, @hdh15. I don't believe there's anyway to control Apple's internal "list" here, but... I'd love it if there were!