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Facebook Privacy Settings Changed


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This is a Hail Mary...

This question doesn't really feel like it's a good fit for these forums, but I've exhausted my Googling skills, so if I'm out of bounds, please let me know.  I'll say a mea culpa and everyone will know I just got caught.

Here's the issue:  My wife uses a 2019 iMac, an iPhone 6S Plus, and a 2013 iPad.  She spends most of her online time in iOS.  

She uses a Custom privacy setting in Facebook, "Friends of Friends, except ...".  When on iOS, either her iPhone or her iPad (and using the Facebook app), if she shares an existing photo album the privacy settings change to "Only Me".  On iOS there is no option to use "Friends of Friends, except...", so to reset her privacy settings, she has to go to her iMac to do so (and not really an option if she's not at home).

My privacy settings are identical to hers, but I do not experience this change when I share a photo album.

I'm about to suggest she nuke and pave one of her devices to see if that makes any difference, but that feels like using a sledge hammer as a fly swatter. In reality, though, since it happens on both iOS devices, I'd lean towards this being an issue at FB's end of the chain.  As we all know, Facebook's help pages are useless.

Is this something anyone else has encountered, and is there a solution you've found?

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Thank you so much for the updates. Glad to know more about FB privacy changes.