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Family sharing - Maximum Family Size of Six  



Okay, my Family Sharing saga continues. In my family, there's me and my wife, plus my elderly mom and my five kids. That's eight people. Family Sharing is limited to six people.

Am I simply stuck? What do I do for my other two children? Even if I kick my mom into her own account, I'm still one short. I know more than 4 kids is uncommon these days, but is it really that rare?

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Could you set up an account 

child.[email protected] where name is your family name and have (some of) your kids hare that fo apps whilst still using there own iCloud accounts for email etc.

so, if I as doing it [email protected]

coukd even do 

[email protected]

[email protected]

ir using restrictions. Then as younger children get to certain age move them to older... account.


There are some limits of family sharing that we should know, in case we couldn’t set up and use it correctly.

1. It only supports us to add up to 6 family members.

2. All our iOS devices should be running iOS 8 or later.

3. Every purchase that be forward will be charged to family organizer’s iTunes account.

4. “Ask to Buy” feature lets parents require children under 18 to ask permission before purchasing iTunes and App store.


You are in a tough spot, no doubt about that.

Stephen's idea is a good one -- until the kids get to the point where they want their own Game Center accounts or music stations... And, of course, getting the adults to share an account isn't always the best solution.

I know it's a long-shot, but have you tried asking Apple? Even if all they can get you is the 1 additional child (2 parents + 5 kids), that would be better than what you've got now. Ask nicely, and if you don't get the answer you want, see if you can talk to a manager or someone responsible for customer satisfaction. Even if they continue to say no, you'll have let them know (as so many others have) that 6 isn't the right number for everyone in the real world. Who knows, they might have another idea for you, too.

There is no way Apple would grant "an extra" family member. Sorry. Rather, send feedback to Apple using