FYI IOS 11.4  




I updated to 11.4 a week ago and since then I have experienced terrible battery life, often needing to recharge every 3 hours of light use.  I have a new replaced battery from APPLE's  battery deal for iphone 6's. 

What I found searching is you have to disable 5ghz wifi and use the 2.5.  Since then my battery life is back to normal.   Hope this helps someone. 


Wow. Bizarre. I, too, have noticed reduced battery life on my iPhone X lately. I thought it had to do with all of my picture/photo-uploading apps that I've been testing (and mentioned in MGG 714), but... wow. How did you turn off 5GHz?

At home I have a dual band wifi and had the iphone forget the 5ghz connection and I connected to the 2.4.   At home my battery is performing to expectations once again.  I have not tested this with public wifi.  

Apple Support community seems to show lots of people with this problem but I don’t see any fix mentioned that works for everyone.

i personally have not seen the problem. 


Apple has already announced that they will provide batteries to those who are experiencing trouble after updating their device at $25.

Well that is interesting, I have already replaced my battery with the replacement program a year ago, would they replace it again?    Since switching to 2.4 I have had zero battery problems.