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[Solved] Going from and back to the Mail app in iOS 12  




Since installing iOS 12 I noticed that when I click a link in an email and then press the (arrow)Mail on the top left of the screen, it will not open the Mail app full screen but a floating tab that takes about a third of the screen.

This is extremely annoying. A lot of times I would be working with emails and just open the link to check something, so going back to the Mail full-screen is what I need?

Is there a solution to this weird behavior?

1 Answer

You don’t mention which device you’re doing this on but it sounds to me like this is happening on an iPad and you’ve got the Mail/Safari apps into “Slide Over” mode.

In my experience iOS sort of remembers that slide over configuration and will revert to it depending on which order you invoke the apps. I suspect the fix is when you get into this mode use the top “handle” of the Mail window to swipe it off the screen to properly exit slide over mode for that pairing of apps.

This article has some hints on slide over & split view modes (even though it was written for iOS 11 it still works I think)