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How do I send a SMS to a Group contact not iMessage  



Hi everyone

I am trying to send out a bulk sms to over 100 people on my phone for scouts. I have created all the contacts that i need on my iPhone SE with the latest iOS, and then created a group called cubs wednesday. I go and try and create a new SMS, but i cant select the group to send it to. I can send it to individuals by selecting them 1 at a time but I do not want to be doing that everytime. Am I missing something? Any help would be great



P.S. If Dave or John are reading this, its the same Jeremy that "buzzed" you from Sydney, Australia over 10 years ago!

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Hi Jeremy! Here in the US, at least on Verizon (the only carrier I've tested this with, even though I use AT&T), you are limited by the carrier to sending only 25 SMS messages at once. I'm guessing you're running into the same thing there with your carrier. Not sure there's a workaround, but maybe someone else has an idea?


Hi Dave, I dont know about that yet as I cant even select the group for the SMS. So my actions are as follows

1. Go to the messages app and select new message

2. I press the + with the circle around it to try and select the group

3. The contacts sheet comes up with all of my contacts

4. i press the groups link on the top left corner

5. I select the group I want all the other ticks go away and the group that I want has a tick next to it

6. I hit done

7. The contact sheet is back to the listing of all of the contacts in that group, which has over 60 contacts in it.

It is behaving as if it wants me to select every single contact individually, which is crazy. 

So i made another group with 18 contacts, and 10 contacts it is behaving still in the same manner as above.

What is the point of making a group in contacts if you cant bulk send information to them. 

And yes they are all mobile numbers no Land Lines

Any suggestions brain trust?




I vaguely recall having researched this before and I don't think you can use a group that you have configured in Contacts in this way.

The interface you're describing, with the ticks next to group names, is really just a filtering of displayed contacts - it's not a way of selecting everyone in the group.

But once you have managed to start a "conversation" with a group of people you can create a "group name" for the conversation which is then presented as a possible name when you start a new message: