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how would my autofill login/passwords show up on someone else's iPhone?  



Hi, The iPhone in question has never been connected to my desktop or iPhone. It hasn't been connected to my Apple ID account. However, we just discovered that in Safari all my saved information is now on this phone... Can someone please help me understand how this happens and what I can do to protect my information more effectively. 


Thank you!

If they had access to you log in , and then logged into their iCloud account with Safari synced..It would then pull your bookmarks over to their account.

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That would happen if you sync iCloud Safari data, and/or if you sync with iTunes (either via USB or Wi-Fi). Otherwise, yeah, I don't think there are any other mechanisms for transferring that data along.

Thank you for your response. I have never logged into iTunes on the phone nor has the phone been attached to any of my devices. Up until the syncing happened the passwords for iTunes and iCloud were secure, now they are on this phone. So my privacy is gone. This phone belongs to my child. So in some ways its secure but if he can get access then I'm worried anyone can.  He denies doing anything to cause the syncing to happen but somehow its all there now. So I'm wondering if there is some software he could've accessed that would allow him to do this...


"This phone belongs to my child."

Depending on their age and technical ability, I would suspect this is your primary vector for that info getting connected without your knowledge (given everything what you excluded). Especially if they wanted to get something from iTunes, eg, in-app purchases etc. 

Would definately not be the first time of seen that happen, I'm afraid.