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iCloud Drive Folder Layout and Use  



I'm curious how people are using iCloud Drive with Pages, Numbers, etc. Do you use the folder layout where the default is a Pages folder, a Numbers folder, etc. with all of your Pages documents inside the Pages folder? Or do you use, especially with the new Files App, a different layout such as a Documents folder (with subfolders such as Work, Play, ToDo, etc. )? I know when using these Apps on IOS, the default location is the last folder used, and this is causing confusion for my wife, because files are not organized like she would expect.

Just curious and wanted to get some opinions before I go try and possibly rearrange the layout.

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I've been letting files reside in their default folder settings but now using a tip from Brett Terpstra, I am using Tags to sort my files. You could have tags for Work, Play and ToDo or any combination of tags. Has made a huge positive difference in managing my files. Do yourself a favor and check out the possibilities of tags. Cheers! 😀 


I have some "legacy" folders that are app-based (Numbers, mostly), but I'm moving away from that. I'm replacing it with topic folders that go 3 levels deep, maximum.

I tried moving a extensive set of references to iCloud, but it was a mess. I often navigate those references by search, and iOS search just isn't up to the task. I had hoped that tags would solve enough of the search problem, but they can't. I find that if I've got more than about 10 tags, working with them on iOS is a frustrating experience. And I couldn't figure out a way to search for multiple tags. So, all that reference stuff went back into Evernote.

But for other material where a strict hierarchy is enough, and where I usually have around 20 items per folder, my own set of folders works well.


I’m still organizing my files by topic/category/project. Each one of those might have many different types of files, and that works well for me.

Do you use multiple subfolders within those folders? I seem to recall that if I made a folder two levels deep, the IOS apps couldn't see it, but the mac could. This was prior to IOS11 so I haven't tried it lately.

Truth be told, I don't use iCloud for my cloud syncing of my "main" docs Library. For that I (currently) use Synology Drive (f/k/a CloudStation Drive).

But I did just test this with iCloud Drive, creating multiple subfolders on my Mac, and am easily able to see many levels deep with the Files app on iOS.


Thanks everyone for your thoughts. We are going to rearrange folders on the iCloud Drive and see how that works with our work flows.