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iMazing not being very amazing at all.  



Sorry for dissing one of the sponsors, but ever since I have had iMazing, I cannot say that I have ever had a good experience with it. Granted, I have been able to make back ups before. I've never been able to restore a phone before, though. I have had luck in extracting voicemail messages and apps, but otherwise I just get frustrated the more I try and use it.

 Over the weekend, I got a new iPhone 11 and thought that I would use iMazing  to do it's amazing stuff and transfer over my phone to a new phone. I started doing a back up because I wanted the most recent and it took a really really really really long time to start backing up. As a matter fact I don't even think it ever did. So I stopped it and tried restarting. At one point, I got it to start backing up so let it do it's thing but somehow the screen went to sleep or the phone went to sleep and I got that error so I tried backing up again, but it didn't work. Then I tried with a different cable and it's sort of worked but then it didn't. Then it just took it sweet time preparing but never wind. At that point, I wrote to technical support and they gave me some suggestions that were useless. One of them was trying a different cable. Or hooking it up directly to the computer rather than through a hub which didn't matter. I gave up. I rerceived my iPhone 11 and used the regular iCloud restore and miracle of miracles, I had my whole phone on my new phone. Including data and documents that I had downloaded to the old phone. That never seem to work using iCloud restore.

Now that there is some time between my frustration over the weekend and now, I am trying to do a back up and when I left at noon it was at 99% with 5 minutes left,  and when I came back at five, it is at 99% with five minutes left. What is up?


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Hi, Gregorio from DigiDNA here. We're sorry that you experienced an issue with your first backup – our tech support team wasn't stalling for time when they advised plugging the phone directly instead of via a hub since some hubs do create connection issues.

Regarding the backup stalling at 99% for a long time, at this stage there isn't much we can do to speed things up: the backup is built by iOS itself, iMazing does the versioning pass once the backup is finished. In some cases, we see iOS deciding to do additional passes to guarantee the backup's coherence, especially if the device is synching in the background with iCloud. That process can take a while, but more than a day, that's very unexpected for sure. Please let our team know if you'd like a refund, we don't have the habit of keeping anyone hostage! And if you want to keep using iMazing, please ask the support team to escalate your ticket, I'll have a look personally.

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Don't worry. Your first backup will take the longest; all subsequent backups are incremental and will be much quicker.