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IOS 12 and Assistive Touch  



Ever since I’ve updated my iPhone 7 and iPad 6 to IOS 12, I’m having some problem keeping the Assistive Touch button on the screen. Every once in a while it just disappears and is no where to be found. My only recourse is to go back to settings General/Accessibility/Assistive Touch and turn it off and then back on again and the button reappears.  I believe that one of things that I’m doing prior to it disappearing is either watching a Youtube video or streaming a video. 

Anyone else having this problem and if so, do you have a simpler way to allow the button not to disappear?  Is it possible to create a shortcut to do that?  This happens on both my iPhone and iPad. 

I set a shortcut via 3 push on the power button on my iphone X.  Setting/General/Accessibility/Accessibility Shortcut/AssistiveTouch.  Super annoying as i use this a lot.