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iOS 12 Screen Time -- Where to Manage Devices?  



A minor irritation, but one I'm unable to solve: in the Screen Time settings you can enable "Share Across Devices" on any device signed in to iCloud. When I hit All Devices near the top then Devices in the upper right, it shows me 2 iPhones even though I only have one. The usage for the first matches my actual usage, whereas the usage for the second says nothing. When I check my devices signed in though there is only the 1 phone. Anyone know where I can remove this "phantom phone" from my devices list in Screen Time?

IMG 1007
Screen Shot 2018 12 09 at 4.16.02 PM
IMG 1008
2 Answers

Sounds like you're not the only one -

Maybe file your own bug report with Apple to help increase the chances of a fix being applied?


Thanks Graham!