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iOS mail not fully syncing  



I set someone up with Sanebox recently and discovered that SaneArchive was dumping things from Inbox into the archive. After contacting them and asking them to undo SaneArchive all of those messages dump back into inbox. The odd issue here is the most recent item from that dump was in February, and after everything dumped in there the iOS Mail app now has a big gap of missing email in the inbox between that date in February and today. The messages exist in gmail’s browser ok, as well as MacOS Mail, and even All Mail in iOS , but inbox won’t seem to sync properly. I’ve tried deleting the account and re-adding to the phone. No dice. Any idea how to force the sync? Just wipe the phone and restore from backup?

As a follow-up, I have also tried resetting Network settings, then going a step further and completely wiping the phone and restoring from a backup prior to the SaneFail. The phone just reconnects to the server, and continues to omit the last 3 months or so from the Inbox. So strange.

Wow, just got a reply from Sanebox. It's a known issue! Word to the wise, this is a real inconvenience. 😉

"This is a known bug in the IOS Mail app. You can, in fact, access the more recent items (via your webmail or even an alternate email app or email client.)The Mail app is actually grabbing the wrong subset of your Inbox email which causes some email to appear to be missing.

Here's an article that further explains:

Hope this helps -- let us know if we can further assist you."

Thanks for the info Ari - good to know about these types of bugs coz otherwise, like you, one can spend a lot of time trying to fix the symptoms.