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Ios13 files to macOS file server


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New feature in ios13 in files app allows connect to SMB server. Super easy to setup. My question is... has anybody set this up for remote access? To connect to multiple macOS SMB file servers? Would you have to use port forwarding on the router, but what about connect to two machines on the same network but remotely?

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I can’t s web  way of specifying port so have been unable to access both my Mac and Synology remotely using smb. However, I use FE File Explorer Pro by Skyjos Co., Ltd.which can do this.


I would not use SMB to connect remotely. You would have to make sure to use ONLY SMB3 which is suppose to be secure. You would be better with a VPN to access all your devices or something like Parallel Access or a VNC client to control the remote mac. It really depends on what you want to do.