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[Solved] iPad Doesn't have AirPlay Icon in Browser  



Does anyone know why when you a video opens on your ipad, you don't have the option to select airplay with it? Whereas if you do the same thing on your phone, you have the airplay icon in the lower right? See the two attached photos. I'm referring to non YouTube videos because those will open up in the YouTube app. 

This feature in the browser on the iPad happens in Safari and Chrome. You can go the extra step and select mirroring from the Control Panel, but it seems like this is extra work, especially when it acts "normally" on the phone. In addition, the mirroring sometimes works, and in fact, it even looks like normal airplay on the iPad at times. 

Any idea why this isn't on the iPad?



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And here’s the answer. iOS 13 brought desktop Safari to the iPad and the default setting is to request he desktop version of every website. Thus, the video player on iPad should be the same as the one shown on a Mac, and you are then subservient to that player’s options, which might not include AirPlay.

If you go to Settings > Safari, disable Request Desktop Website, and reload these webpages, they will show the iOS video player.

Oooh, I really like that answer and it almost makes sense. The only problem I'm having is when I disable the desktop version like you mentioned, I don't see any difference in the options on the video player.

I did when I reloaded this forum thread. I can't explain your different behavior.

Let's make sure we are talking apples to apples (pun intended).
On the two links that I sent previously, the facebook link does appear to act properly depending if the desktop version or ios version is selected.
However, the second link that I sent does not act the same way. It doesn't matter if the desktop or the ios version is used on the ipad. Neither one shows the airplay icon. Is that what you are observing as well or are you seeing something different?



I think iPhone more often forces such apps to use the iOS video player whereas iPad is more flexible. To troubleshoot this with you, it would be helpful if you could link to the video you're playing. Some players don't natively support AirPlay. If you watch this video in Facebook on iPad, though, AirPlay is an option.

It is definitely not playing in the Facebook app as I don't want that on the ios devices. It is using the standard Safari on IOS. Here are two links which show the same results.

Thanks for any thoughts.

A couple possibilities. As I said, the video player provided inside the Facebook app offers direct AirPlay support. I hear that you've chosen not to install that app. The video player Facebook uses in Safari on iPadOS doesn't have AirPlay support, as you noted, but what if you engage AirPlay from Control Center? Does that enable the video to play on an Apple TV? Is that your intention anyway?

You have to select Mirroring from the Control Center which sometimes works like airplay and sometimes it mirrors the screen so it plays on both.
The main thing is that it functions different than the iPhone and it seems more cumbersome for Apple to do that.


Thanks Ben.