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iPad Pro: When to trade my old iPad?  



Trading in my old iPad for new iPad Pro. I have a few choices: 1) Wait until November and see if there's a sale and see what my iPad is worth then, 2) Trade it in now. 3) Wait for a refurb with my specs and see if/what sort of trade in I can get.
Any thoughts on this? Is there a best time/way? Refurb or new? 

1 Answer

One thing to do is to go now and get a price from Gazelle (or whomever). Gazelle sponsored MGG for years, but it's been years since that was the case. I still use them because I know and trust them.

Gazelle's pricing is usually locked for at least 30 days, so before the iPhone XS/R announcement I locked in some trade-in pricing on our old iPhones... and am waiting to see what we get (I haven't ordered anything yet, kinda waiting for the XR I think).