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iPad screen unresponsive


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Hi everyone,

I’m trying to get my friends 2016, 9.7 inch iPad Pro to work.
On pressing the home button the screen comes to life displaying the current time and date which is correct and at the bottom of the screen it displays the test “Press Home to unlock”
On pressing home the keyboard appears but is unresponsive.  Rebooting by holding down the power and the home button doesn’t help.  Pressing the volume up, volume down and then the power button doesn’t help.  Allowing it (over a period of weeks) to run out of charge and then recharging it doesn’t help. 
When a power supply is connected to it, it chimes and takes a charge. However, when I connect it to my iMac (with both iTunes and iMazing ) or my works Windows laptop, neither computer is aware that it has been connected.
If I connect a USB keyboard to it, a text window appears saying “Unlock iPad to use accessories “ so it seems to be “aware” of things being connected but obviously I can’t use them because I can’t unlock the iPad.  
My friend claims he has done nothing to it and I have to take his word on that but I’m at a loss on how to proceed. 
Before I start sacrificing goats over it, has anyone any ideas?
Many thanks in advance.


It happens with me too after software update i bet it is related to software or something like that , random freeze and sometimes random restarts i m facing them its like the system gets restart itself .

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Sounds to me like the screen digitizer is faulty ie. the mechanism that detects touch on the screen. 
You could try a DFU restore via connection to computer, which doesn’t require any interaction on the iPad itself, but be aware that this will delete ALL content on the iPad. 

Thanks Graham,
I’ve been trying to avoid the DFU route but had a horrible feeling that was the next step.
It’s not so much of an issue now because the photos he was bothered about turned out to be on iCloud.
So, I will try that later today and see how it goes.
Thanks for your time and advice.


Hi, it maybe the ios system issue, you can try to use TunesKit iOS System Recovery for Mac to repait, it only takes a few time, i use it to repair my ipad sevearl times and it's efficient and safely, so you can have a try on it.