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iPhone 11 replacing back housing, need help with an unknown part.


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I'm trying to find someone who can help me answer a tough question. I am replacing the back housing on my iPhone 11. I purchased a back housing and behind the tiny hole next to the camera lenses is supposed to be some sort of cover that possibly has to do with the mic? My new housing has nothing here so you can see right through the hole to the outside. It is just above the power and LED flash and top mic cable. I tried removing this from my old housing using heat and being as careful as humanly possible, but it was extremely hard to remove and I messed it up. Any idea what this is and if I can buy it somewhere? I have looked and looked, but there is no info about it. I attached a pic of the spot in my new housing where this part goes and 2 pics of the old part I removed from my old housing. Thanks!