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iPhone 7 screen replaced - now home button doesn’t work ?  



Hi, I recently replaced a smashed iPhone 7 screen with a spurious screen. The repair went well but now the home button itself doesn’t work along with Touch ID. I have done this to many iPhone 6S and had no problem with home button when refitting the original button. 
Does this not apply for iPhone 7??
Should the home button functionality be retained when fitting a spurious screen or is there another fault somewhere?
Can’t seem to get an answer to this anywhere guys so any help appreciated. Anyone replaced iPhone 7 screen and had home button still work?

I think your new piece of the screen has some faulty connection for the home button. Or somehow you may have damaged the button when you were removing the old screen after using heat gun. Or maybe due to the shock of throwing it at the floor. The housing for the home button can be broken from inside and needs to be replaced. Because it does carries your fingerprint scanner inside it.

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